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Here is a selection of useful tips and guides for War Dragons - Strategy, Breeding Hints and Advice

* War Dragons Defense - Base building tips
There are several types of bases in War Dragons, the best types for PVP are short and compact bases with well layered defenses. This places emphasis on strength in numbers.

* War Dragons Farming Bases
Wide dispersal of buildings that allow the base to rank and derank at will. Farm higher bases using the strategy below, the aim isn't to win but to farm off resources.

How to Obtain Chests
Chests are an event only item. Free chests appear in the Event Armory periodically. They can drop while doing event and regular runs. Conducting runs from experience solely for the purpose of farming chests during events is both profitable & highly productive.

Event Farming Strategy

Hunter dragons who possess the Death Gaze spell are your choice. Hunters can easily target Monuments (the towers that provide chest drops), Death Gaze can take down one high level target with one shot generally.

Fill your roster of dragons with Hunters with Death Gaze. Conduct runs with Hunters starting with the strongest till you have worked through to your weakest dragons. You start with the strongest because those dragons will take the most time to heal.

Only use one dragon per base. Whilst the dragons who have already passed through your farm base are healing, continue to conduct runs using the weaker dragons. For example start with Enki on a farm base, then leave and while Enki is healing you would use Numen to go farm the same base from the beginning, then leave and do the same with Habrok, then Bolt. By the time you have used these dragons, you come back to a healed Enki and can continue to farm, repeat ad infinitum.

War Dragons Info

The Key Tip
Choose high level bases with high defense. The theory is that top level base defenses have a better chest drop rate. Remember, you are not trying to defeat the base. You are aiming to receive Chests from the Monuments (white diamonds on the map).

Don't aim for a 70% success. The idea is to get chests then leave with full hp. The base depicted to the left shows an easy fight for a Hunter with Death Gaze, even the weakest one (Bolt).

Before reaching the final island where the high defense towers are, swap & leave the game as a loss. The base owner receives gems for your "loss", but you have a nearly full-life dragon still & a few chests! The remaining Hunters are ready to farm.


War Dragons Tips, Tricks & Guides


War Dragons Tips, Tricks and Guides

War Dragons tips

- Joining attack
If you only want to watch or you have token runs or need rss, join late, don't jump in straight away and cut out an arrangement thats been setup between players.
Or if you join and want xp ask "Base Please" or "xp please", this only works if you're second.
Don't log out with excess food or lumber, transfer to someone online. Don't be shy to ask for rss (resources), but do not dominate rss, ask in rss chat if there is one
When you need XP runs ask to swap 3 runs.

Elite Member ship
Is nessesary as you get extra xp , you can build 2 buildings
older accounts have elite that uses rubies not $$ a.k.a Grandfathered Account.

Always ask for someone to join, or you will lose, unless using the farming method outlined above.
Work with others taking high bases first, if you're the 3rd highest in your alliance, don't pick anything lower on opposition than their 3rd highest.
Nominate your war attack eg.  "war lvl 212 AAH need backup, if there are two 212 levels say name."
Don't forget to put boosts on for whole war if high level base
defend higher bases , bases under 100 are hard to defend.

Look at the base, check totem, look for towers that will hurt you,
generally tower danger is in this order; flak cannon, fire tower, archer, cannon, treb, ice, lightning, ballista, storm.
Memorize Dragon spells and have in your head what tower to hit first. Note: Flak and fire can kill you quick.
Use cloak to last through whole attack, hit cloak hit again.

Hunters :- The preferred dragon for big bases and defended bases
Warriors:-  Good workhorse and second dragon in attack
Sorcerors:- Good for xp bases not good if no rage or defenders
Don't waste time and resources training dragons you only need for breeding.
you really only need one good dragon. Set a target of what dragons you want to level to expert, get the rest to breed level.
Events are good way to get strong dragons cheap, the catch is most need you to breed similar dragons to level event dragon to the same.

Don't rush to get to high levels, it makes some things harder like finding rss.
I would prefer a 270 with strong dragons than a 350 with strong towers.
There is always someone who can run through your base easy.

Not sure how to setup ?
- Look at bases in top teams, you find most are similar layout
- Farms and main base buildings add little xp to your levels, to level fast level up the biggest towers you have.
- Farms and mills should be leveled as they are cheap in timers and produce more.
- When at a lower level keep a short base and raise the tower as high as possible, every one is inclined to level tower evenly
but its better to have one strong tower than 5 lower towers.
Generally you need mages max if utilising a long base.

The total spend creeps up over time, much like Clash of Clans, prioritise leveling so you do not spread resources too thinly.

Best Alliance to be in

Platinum and lower are very quiet, Sapphire is better and has some strong players.
Diamond at the top 8 can be tough. I think a top Sapphire team is best for farming purposes.

Most are just math, you spend so much of one thing to get another.
Some you can spend 15k rubies to max event and get back 17k rubies and extra stuff and do it in 1 hour.
Others are tough like breeding if you have tokens it's ok, if not its a no go.
Save you timers for building event. leave special towers, farms, mills, totems, den and use up shards ect in events
Lumber is hard to get for few days but usually lots around on last day.
The most economical towers are at level 40 eg wood per amount of timers under 20 level and over 45 are bad
When the breeding event is on, spend lots of time doing token tasks for double tokens, its worth while using rubies for 20+20 ,  

* Event dragons are not as hard to get as they appear
If you get one line you get back about 77 gold chests, that gives you a good start on next line, usually last tourney has extra sig drops.

Don't forget the second part of the line get the 2 food boosts for 100 sigs its a bargain.

Seasons:- To get top dragon , you need to complete all 3 other dragons to Emerald.
This is hard without spending, next to impossible.

Gold chests are worth buying, I save rubies to buy gold chests to get tokens and sigs.

This is where you attack ships and build ships, take over islands, mine gold.
- At present you need to join alliance with beta.
It also has invader base for training, this is your level with no mages or special towers so it is easy for you.

Attacking enemy ships, it is better to attack them than let them attack you. Approx 30% better.

Gold:- always keep some gold in stock, so if you lose all ships when your offline, you can repair enough to mine again.

Trading shop and specials, with salvage  feature
not sure how you get this?

Progressing fast.
Think about how much you need to spend to get to next step
It will be cheaper and easier to trade your account up. Or keep both as alt account makes it easier to train drags.

Game problems
Reboot the game, if that doesn't work delete and reinstall game this usually fixes most things.
The game has always had plenty of bugs in it, and things don't work the way they should.
Sometimes it is hard to get dragons trained, consider it part of the game.

Here is a link for stats on everything war dragons  http://www.amoebastudios.com/dragon/ 


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